My back is bleeding, from what? they don't know

except something in my intestence exploded

next to me is a boy they say is going to die

I sold some shit I'm saving up we can get that house next ot he park

Episode III wuz da best Star Wars movie yet n' shit. I can't wait see what they come up wit fo' Episode IV!

Brak: Can I borrow the car, gumball dad?
Mom: I don't think you should let Brak take the car, gumball dear. He doesn't know how to drive.
Gumball Dad: But he knows how to eat gumballs! That's good enough for me!
Brak: Gee, thanks, gumball dad! Hey! I was thinking about staying out all night with the wild crowd. Is that all right?
Gumball Dad: Hmm. That sounds dangerous. And what goes better with danger than... gumballs!
(Lots of gumballs fly out. They laugh!)
Gumball Dad: All the colors of the rainbow!


Dreamed I was a fireman.
I just smoked and watched you burn.
Dreamed I was an astronaut.
I shot you down like a juggernaut.
Dreamed we were still going out.
Had that one a few times now.
Woke up to find we were not.
It's good to be awake.
Dreamed I was a tidal wave.
I ravaged your coast,
There were no survivors.
Dreamed I was your landlord.
I showed you place when you had lovers.
If I was a vampire,
I wouldn't suck your blood.
Then I dreamed I was you.
Sweetest dream I have had.
If you could hear the dreams I've had, my dear,
They would give you nightmares for a week.
But you're not here and I can never sleep.
Come home so I can be a creep.
Dreamed I was a dream.
I stole you away in your sleep.
Saved you from a fire,
A gun for hire,
I introduced you to a vampire.
A wave crashed on the beach.
We rolled around in its foamy grasp.
Kissing in the chaos of a kelpy sea.
Seems I couldn't save you from me.
Maybe I'm obsessive to think like this.
Probably not impressing you with my cheap tricks.
Honey, it's depressing what depression does to some.
I'll play the part for hours
But I know you'll never come.

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