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07:32pm 11/10/2005

You're a Badger!

To you, very little in this world is in shades of gray... it's either
black or white. Far from making this decide for one or the other for yourself, you
choose to delve into a little bit of both, which makes you a daunting and even
menacing figure to some. Nonetheless, people like you keep being depicted as wise
and heroic figures in children's literature. You love bouncing up and down and have
a fondness for mushrooms, but are horrified by snakes.

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if it's not one adventure it's another   
04:58pm 21/09/2005
mood: tired
so yesterday after i had already gotten ready for bed and was about to lay down so i could start going to bed early i got a call from Alex. The conversations was pretty mugh this
"Hey Kurtis do you wanna go somewhere with us tonight?"
"Oh i dunno i was going to try and go to bed early tonight i didn't get much sleep last night and my eyes hurt"
"Oh well, we were going to go to Seattle"

And there you go our Seattle adventure started. Alex Noce, Alex Hipple, Eddoe Ekluand, and I hauled ass down I-5. We made one stop in the town of little rock and diving in to that place was totally the begining of a horror movie. The road had forest on either side of it and when we got in to town the only lights on were the street lights. We talked about how were going to get killed and how there was going to be a man hunt for the killer and when they found him he would be wearing our skin. Then we said that we could be coming in at the end of the movie and that we kill the murderer by hitting him with our car and that he was wearing everyone's in Little Rocks skin. Then we decided that he wore the skin of people who tried to escape from Little Rock and that we were going to be taken forth to him and we would challenge him to a battle. He would remove his human skin mask and it would be Kurt Russle. What made the whole event worse was that on the way out of Little Rock Alex's car was over heating. So we had to pull over and let it cool off and pour water in to that bad boy as we stood out side with bats and sticks and shit. we were going to be made in to a skin suite.
After we escaped certain death from a skin wearing Russle man we made it to Seattle at about 3am. We found our way to Matt's. We cooled the car down again and started driving around again looking for this place called the Hurricane. Before we got there we drove around the Nakitami Plaza's a bunch listening to the Alexes talking about Bruce Willis' autobiography "Die Hard"
We aslo had to stop and get gas where this thug guy was yelling Kelso looking at Alex Noce. We just thought he was yelling at his friend but then he said
"Hey you guys ever see that show "That 70's show"? It's Kelso!"
The funny thing about that is that he was wearing this like 70's vintage jacket and he has the shaggy hair but Alex is built like a little boy.
So "KKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEELLLLSSSSSOOOOOOO" became a pretty common thing yelled during the whole trip along with Alex Noce's porno shop theme song "It's a porno shop, it's a porno shop"
Well we got lost and ended up in Bellvue where Alex was driving like a mad man mcgee and almost killed us around the area that the mothman lives and the t-rex pen is.
We eventually got to the Hurricane it was a hip little diner that's open 24-hours and the food was pretty good. Alex Noce's friend showed up and that kid was kind of a douche....we'll leave it at that. Alex Hipple was also delerius since it was 6am and kept saying he wanted to call me Keith so we kept calling each other names that started with a K and an A. While we were taking Matt home Alex Hipple was hanging out of the window with an escrima stick yelling "Get to work" or "Go apply at a plce or employment" and Alex Noce was honking his horn. That was pretty much the trip out of there even down the free way when we dropped Matt off.
We took the car pool lane for awhile screaming about how we had to get to the office to do paper work and use excel. at one point i said i had to get to the office to make a power point about my penis....heh.
About half way the Alexes decided they would switch places so Hipple would be driving. Now the thing is, is that Hipple has horrible eye sight and can only see outlines of cars during the day time. But whats even funnier about that is that i felt safer with him driving than i did with Noce.
We got home around 10 and i slept until 11, went out to lunch with Mike and then slept until 4:30. Ugh....i'm really not feeling well.
So thats pretty much the trip theres a few things i left out mainly so it's easier to defend our sanity and state of mind.

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heres a picture of our adventure the other night   
02:26pm 04/09/2005
  i'm the one running across the opening and Matt is on the left side while Eddie and Kyle are on the other.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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01:12pm 01/09/2005
mood: Hateful
How come in Final Fantasy Tactics they have that one fight in the middle of the game that totally sucks....i hate it with all of my body even with...you know....i hate you Wiegraf....douche.

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so um i guess that it...   
03:44pm 31/08/2005
  Heather and I just broke up. It was a mutual break up, we both decided that it would probably be for the better. We're still going to be good friends and she wants me to visit her in Monmouth.
The sad thing is, is no matter how much i knew it needed to happen i'm really kind of upset right now. I'm kind of in shock. Like is this really happening? i mean i'm also groggie from only being awake for an hour and a half, so it kind of feels like a dream.
This was a big step in both of our lives and i'm glad we could still be friends. We decided that we would still talk on the phone each day.

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so yeah   
10:55am 23/08/2005
  last night i was hanging out with Alex Noce and we were just driving around UFO and Ghost hunting when we found ourselves but down in the Andresen area. We were at the stop light like two away from the Krispy Kreme and we were listening to The Doors "The End" when Alex looked in his rearview mirror and was like "Oh Shit". I braced myself. We got rearended by some one and we pulled to the side of the road and they liek speed up and it looked like they were going to hit us again. the person looked like a grizzled guy with wavy hair. so we sped up the way and pulled over again and they pulled up behind us. It ended up being some rock ass lady and she was like "it's ok, it's ok" she didn't really know what to do like she didn't ask if we were ok or anything and she didn't have her insurance ready or anything. Well, i called the Cops and they sent medical but we were alright and they didn't need to look at us we were just shaky. The lady got taken to jail and well thats pretty much it. except the car that everyone refers to as a pussy car barely took any damage. the rear end was scratched and the hood doesn't close all of the way but it laches. Her cars front was all smashed to shit, like the lights were all busted out and her hood was all bent. crazy shit. we kept saying that atleast she hit us and we weren't hurt and not t-bone some one that was driving through the intersection.  

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almost two months huh...   
01:08pm 10/08/2005
mood: calm
lets see. i've been staying at home for the time being. i'll be starting my teachers assistant/after school tutor job sometime next month. having an income will be nice. This past week i finally saw the town house we're going to be living at. it's pretty damn big and it's pretty nice too. it's just cheap because she said the place was old. but it really doesn't look that old.
I dunno other than that not much has happened in the past two months i guess, i turned 19. On the exact date of my last entry Heather and i had out 18 month anniversary last month was the 19 and this weekend on the last day of the pow wow it's be our 20th month.
I've been trying to decide what tattoos i want. I was thinking about getting the Mandalorian Bantha Skull on mt left shoulder and the Fett familt creat on my chest. but no one would ever see those. so at the moment i'm debating on the Arashikage ninja clan tattoo on my lower right arm or Boba Fett on my inner left and Han Solo on my inner right. I'd really like the Arashikage but i think i'm leaning towards Solo and Fett.

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03:25am 14/06/2005
mood: exhausted
so if the text is more messed up than usual it's late, i'm worked up and i have my kitten walking around the comp and she likes to walk around the keyboard, heh.
But yeah so some of you know that i'm at home right now visiting and well, tonight i was hanging out with James, Brandon and Matt. Well we were driving around minus James before we went and met him at his work when he got off. We hung out in the parking lot for awhile trying to figure out what James wanted to eat. Well, like always we ended up at Muchas Gracias. While we we hanging out there some asshole was there herassing the employees because i guess he ordered the Carne Asada burrito or something with out the steak. So he was giving them a hard time and before he left he stood at the door turned to everyone and was like "don't eat their Carne Asada, it has rocks in it" well what are we going to do i mean thats pretty funny, i've been eating there for seven years and i've never had a problem. Before the guy left James was watching him and almost called the cops. AFter being gone for awhile the guy kept running across Highway 99 and was standing in the phonebooth outside the window and was staring in at us. he did that a few times running back and forth and finally he raised his hands and flipped the bird or something i dunno. like less than ten minutes later i noticed him staring in again with something under his arm. i guess Matt had noticed it to but didn't say it loud enough for me to hear. I pointed it out to Brandon and as he turned to look the guy raise something up that looked like a gun. we ducked down and i ran across the resturaunt and asked the other peopel what he was holding, i asked if it was a real gun, an airsoft of something else. They all looked and dove under tables i ran again back in to the mens bathroom and these two girls followed me and we all called 911. The cops showed up pretty quick and there was like 9 cars. After they all searched for him a few came in and started talking to us. they took us aside and had us tell them our stories and stuff. they had the guy stand with his hands on his haed across the way as they shined a spotlight on him to make sure it was him. well, so they started talking to me mid way through all of the other stories. I told them that i saw a shotgun and positioned my arms how i saw him pointing it at us. well about that time they told me it was stolen pool cue. what the fuck a pool cue. i told them that, that was the first time i had ever had what i thought was a weapon pulled on me and they said better safe than sorry and he was weilding it intending it as a gun. i feel kind of stupid but everyone else saw a gun, though i feel what i had said maybe influenced that. but it was stolen and we were pretty sure he was on something. so heh....what a night.

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01:30am 08/06/2005
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fucking online tests...   
02:49am 11/05/2005
  personality thing...Collapse )  

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04:13am 22/04/2005
  Read more...Collapse )  

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02:37am 21/04/2005
  the day started off ok, nothing special. tutoring was err decent i guess, a little better than usual. After that we went and looked at a house. Now i dunno if Heather or I have mentioned it but we've been planning on moving out of here and in to a house with three other guys, Shane, Steve and Nick. Pretty cool situation plus major gaming, lol. But yeah so we checked out the house, beautiful house. Plus the husband is a gamer too and had Warhammer miniatures that he had painted and comic books and the wife was really really nice. So we were really wanting to move in to there, we got the applications and we were going to take the other guys to go look at it. Well, Heather talked to her mom and she said no. After she had already said that it would be ok if we moved. SO yeah fight ensues between them and it comes down to if she does it she has to pay for everything and her grandparents are going to cut her off. immature in my opinion. Also the only way she can move is if she moves in to a apartment by herself...so they really wanna get rid of me, fuck that. So Heather says maybe it's better if i did move home, well, at home i don't have a garanteed job. I went to the Salem Siletz tribal office and they gave me paper work so i could get on some grants which are basically unemployment and they will pay me for working full time. So after i get the grant i'm going to get hours at the elementary school until school gets out and i'll have the hours at the summer school program. so thats $7.25 time 40 and then times that by 4...hrmmmm, pretty good. So it's a losing situation for me, no job and not being able to live with Heather. Well, the second time Heather's mom called i just had to leave i knew i was going to say some bad shit so i left and took a walk. Before i knew it i was at Shane's dorm i had no plan of going there but i didn't have my phone and i needed to talk to someone really bad. So him and i went for a walk. We talked alot and stuff i just had to get the whole thing off my chest and how i really didn't wanna leave Heather. Well, Heather caught up to us and well long story short if worse comes to worse and it all doesn't work out i'm moving in with Steven, Shane and Nick next year. I'll be in the same town as Heather and have a job. Also i'm planning on eventually going to Western, hopefully winter term.
Though the recent good news of the night is that Gi Joe is already off the hiatus, though sells will be restricted to online orders. Thats kind of lame due to shipping but atleast the products will be new. that starts july 1st, so i'll be waiting for that.

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12:24pm 19/04/2005
  i was supposed to wake up early this morning and make heather some coffee since she doesn't know how to work the machine and stuff. But i slept in...bleh i feel horrible, like really bad and i want her to know that. So when she gets back from class i'll bug her and see what she wants for lunch and make her that, heh.  

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04:04pm 08/04/2005
mood: depressed
why is that everything always fucks up? I went in to when i'm working and it's not until Wednesday at 11 and it's basically to see if they're keeping me. I guess Todd the owner hired on some other guy yesterday for prep who had more experience and they have that girl coming in for baking so truthfully they don't need me. But I don't know what i did wrong. Mike the assistant manager said he didn't see anything wrong that i did and that i'd have to talk to Todd. Jeremy the guy that got me the job said that Todd will probably just bull shit his way out of it. Right when i started to feel better and pretty much not depressed and to stop myself from crying again. You know it's fucking hard. Looking for work for 9 months and no body wants to hire you and you finally think you have a steady income and it's all fucked. Heather and i have been talking a lot about moving and all this good stuff...now we have to sit that aside...and wait and see what fucking happens. I just have to try really fucking hard, harder than ever to keep this job...but i just have that gut feeling that they're not going to keep me since they already replaced me as prep when i haven't even tried. He said the only way to learn is by doing it but he hasn't even given me a chance to learn. I'm tired of this shit...i hate it...i'm so sick of it...i know theres still a slim chance but this is the first time in a long time that i just wanna curl up and cry...i haven't felt this way in years...

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i started my first day of work today   
12:31am 08/04/2005
  and well i hated baking. It took four and a half hours with out a break to bake all of the bread we needed for the day. It was harder than hell to roll that shit. But i didn't say anything i need the work heh. But it works out because my boss said that they have a girl coming in to bake in the mornings and the guy that i'm taking over for was the prep guy so i wont really need to worry about it, heh. The upside is i don't have to get up at 4:30 to get ready because i don't have to be in until 8:00-9:00 but i work a hour or two less. So after baking i made sandwiches, it was actually a lot of fun and all of the employees are pretty awesome. I was originaly only supposed to make basic sandwiches like turkey, ham, chicken because they're so damn easy but from 11 to 1 in the freakin lunch rush so i ended up pretty much making one of each sandwich we have on the menu. I really really enjoy the work other than the baking but if it works out i wont be baking which will rock.
Oh and i get free sandwiches and pop. I acidently grabbed a foot long, god damn i couldn't finish it.

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ok so...   
06:19pm 06/04/2005
  i haven't updated for awhile but heres the jist of things. I get a job before the end of teh month or i'm moving back to Vancouver, kinda sucky, heh. Also Heather is thinking about moving to a new apartment building because this one sucks and the manager is a asshole and we can't have cats. Well i've been job hunting and i went to th unemployment office and got a online account to look at jobs. About a month ago i went in to big town hero and they said they would interview me because they needed bakers, well the following week the new owner came in and had no idea who i was, bummer. So i kept bugging him and he said to fill out a job application but he didn't have any and blah blah i basically felt like i was getting the run around. Also Francie the lady thats in charge of volunteer had been calling my tribe to see if she could get grants to pay me money and they haven't been picking up and stuff so she hasn't gotten a hold of them. So i pretty much feel screwed.
Francie told me today that she got a hold of the lady and she said for me to get a hold of the lady in Salem for the work exp and since i'm apart of the tribe i'm automaticaly eligable for so i'll most likely be getting payed for lasy school terms work which is only around $720 but thats still nice. Also my friend Jeremy came back to work with Heather since she had to go to class, but hey came back and he got me the job at big town hero. I start tomorrow at 6am which is early but it'll be a nice change. it's basically training and if i learn quick they'll keep me, thing is, is that everyone says it's easy and i cook all the time at the apartment. But yeah i'm stoked plus the nice $8 a hour. so if this all works out i'll be going from no money to enough to buy my rocket ship.

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so on that seventies show...   
08:22pm 23/03/2005
  Forman said something along the lines of "I don't have a job i stay at home and play with toys" as he said that my brother walked by and said "Hey thats like you, Kurt!" damn...thats depressing...lol  

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new castlemolvania leak   
03:06pm 22/03/2005
  heres the ingame character art for the hero, awesome huh?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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I'm so excited for the new castlemolvania game, heres the latest screenshot   
02:07pm 21/03/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com

They already revealed the final boss ZLAD! the worlds most washed up superstar. Click on the image to see the game trailer revealed for E3. The game will be released on the first Molvanian video game system, it has 2000 bits of processing power. The working name for the system is Supersonik Elektronik. I'm so excited...man

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Werewolf attack, poor bastard   
02:38am 23/02/2005

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